The Thoroughfare, Harleston, Norfolk – Then and Now – Part 1

Click and drag the slider to compare the before and after images!

Don’t know the date of the old black/white photo, taken from the Waveney Valley … way back when facebook group. My colour photo was taken on 26th February 2017.

What’s obvious now, but wasn’t when i was lining the picture up on the street (too busy looking out for traffic coming from behind), is that two fifths of what is now the Cardinal’s Hat (was it always?) is no longer there. I have no idea when that happened, but it was sometime between now and a long time ago.

See this location on Google Streetview

Here are some more, also taken on 26th February 2017, looking the same way (North) down the Thoroughfare, showing the Swan Hotel, and the ‘original’ five fifths of the Cardinal’s Hat

From the Waveney Valley … way back when facebook group here. See this location on Google Streetview.

From the Waveney Valley … way back when facebook group here. See this location on Google Streetview.

See the full video with music by Georgy Om

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