Fordham Road, Soham, Cambridgeshire – Then and Now

Click and drag the slider to compare the before and after images!

Fun things to notice are the little shop in the old photo is now a garage, and the house that it was attached to is now a shop! Also the lone big house on the left of the old photo is still there, and now a couple of newer but very similar houses have also popped up, although you can’t see them behind the lovely pink blossom.

This location on Google Streetview.

Also on Fordham Road, just outside the cemetery, I’m sure the stone gate posts have become more slender?

This location on Google Streetview

And on the opposite side of the road, sadly unicycling is no longer practical since the introduction of the speed bumps.

This location on Google Streetview

I don’t know the date of the old black/white photos, taken from the Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network – herehere and here where you can find a little more information along with many other photographs. My colour photos were taken on 17th March 2017.

See the full video with music by Red Oak

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