Manhattan, New York – Then/Now interactive ‘rephotography’ (using Google Earth)

I recently saw this old photo of the Chrysler building standing relatively exposed in Manhattan and just wondered how easy it would be to recreate the same scene using Google Earth. I had assumed it was taken from an aircraft but soon realised it was taken from a viewing platform on the Empire State Building, which made it much easier to find the right spot to view from. It also means if I get to go over there I’ll know exactly where I need to stand to do it properly!

Click and drag then interactive sliders below to see what has changed in the last ~80 years (the BW photo is c1932)

Just for added fun, below I highlighted in green the buildings that were still visible, and yellow the ones that had been erected since 1932.

Burwell, Cambridgeshire – Then (?) and Now (2017) – New Video Uploaded!

Here’s the new video of the village of Burwell, Cambridgeshire, taking in old and new photos of Doctors Corner, High Street, The Causeway, Bushell Corner, North Street, Silver Street, Burwell Lode, Ness Road and Burwell Mill!

All the old photos were found in a collection of old Burwell postcards by Rob Sowerby on flickr and The final photo of Burwell Mill was from the burwell stories website.

This is the music, but I can’t find any solid info on who wrote it or what it is

Ely Cathedral at night – 360 degree panoramas

I forgot I did these! I took the photos one night at around midnight in January 2016. Using a nodal ninja, 3 shot bracketing at 18 different angles for 48 images at each location, a 10mm ultra wide lens and a longest exposure of 1 minute, each of these took around 45 minutes to shoot, but i think they were worth it.

It’s hard to believe but it was absolutely pitch black. The Cathedral was barely visible and the famous ‘lantern’ was not illuminated that night. I had to use the light from my phone screen to see the controls on the camera! There was some barely visible orangey tungsten type lighting inside the cathedral, and the street lights were all bright yellow sodium. Compensating white balance for the sodium lights made the orange lights within the cathedral that gorgeous blue. The distant clouds in the sky were originally orange too illuminated by various street lighting, and the wb correction turned those blue too! Win win win. The bells in the west tower went off every 15 minutes and gave me the right willies every time!

In the 2nd pano the clouds were coming in and the long exposure gave a great streaky effect!

I highly recommend going fullscreen! (Click and drag the images to rotate the view)

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Harleston, Norfolk – Then/Now interactive rephotography MOTHER LODE!

Find the Harleston Then/Now interactive rephotography Mother lode here!

I decided that rather than upload the Then/Now ‘interactive sliders’ as and when I had time to think about something to say for each one, I would upload them all at once, and think about saying something about them later.

Also today I found out the meaning (and spelling) of Mother lode!

I’ve split these into Parts I, II, III and IV because too many sliders might slow your browser down, and because I, II, III and IV is just better than 1, 2, 3 and 4  in my opinion.

Ely, Cambridgeshire – Then (?) and Now (2017) – New Video Uploaded!

Here’s the new video of the fine city of Ely, Cambridgeshire, taking in old and new photos of Station Road, Castlehythe, Broad Street, Annesdale, Waterside, Forehill, Market Place, High Street, St Marys Street, Tower Court, The Gallery, Barton Road and of course Ely Cathedral!

All the old photos were collected up from the ‘Your Ely’ facebook page  and ‘Ely Cambridgshire Old Photos’ facebook page.

Music by Eliran Ben Ishai

High Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire – Then and Now – Sneak Preview!

A sneak preview of my latest video compilation of scenes from around Ely, Cambridgshire.

Click and drag the slider to compare the before and after images!

We should definitely bring awnings back – Pizza Express have the right idea! The old black/white photo was found on the Your Ely facebook page here, and they put it at somewhere between 1890 and 1910. Identifying the distinctive looking car on the left might help pin it down. My colour photo was taken on 26th March 2017, after a failed attempt on 23rd March 2017 when I hadn’t realised that the photographer was actually squatting down for this shot. It makes a lot of difference!

This location on Google Streetview, the video should follow within the next few days.